Creating Awareness Through Gifting Mugs

Creating awareness is a big thing in society these days. It is a positive thing as awareness leads to early awakening and action that could result in saving a life such as in breast cancer cases where early detection is important. Young and old, women of all ages need to be aware of this threat to their health. There are posters and tv ads no doubt but how does one impress upon their minds each day to be fully aware of the risk of breast cancer. The simple solution is to gift them breast cancer mugs.


Breast cancer mugs, like the physician assistant mug or the physical therapist mug or the best friend coffee mug, are available in a huge range of designs and styles on amazon, the best plce to find mugs for gifts and mugs for social awareness.

Each mug bears the crossed ribbon logo that is internationally recognized for breast cancer awareness and then a couple of encouraging and positive words to accompany the graphic. Gift the breast awareness mug to a friend and each day when she drinks tea or coffee out of it she will be sure to keep this fact uppermost in her mind.

One can gift a simple ceramic mug with breast cancer logo imprinted on it, a beautiful stainless steel travel mug with insulated wetsuit cover or a travel mug in stainless steel, non-insulated type with a spill-proof cap. It shows thoughtfulness on the part of the giver. A small thing but it gives a reminder each day in the best possible way. Women will surely appreciate the thought behind it.


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